Movember update….

Last day of Movember and I’ve finished rowing and growing! I have completed my extended target of 150km on the rowing machine and the Mo, although annoying, has done well. A Few Facts…..

  • Total distance – 150km
  • Strokes – 24107
  • Time taken – 10hrs 43mins 35secs
  • Ave Pace – 2:09/500m
  • Calories – 10100
  • Average – 5000m per day
  • Total raised so far is £412, can you help me get to my target of £500?

Thanks for all the support and donations so far, as you know I do a lot of fundraising and events for various charities and causes, this is my eighth year of doing Movember and one that I enjoy doing every year, particularly adding Move for Movember to the challenge. So far we have raised over £31,000 for charity!

I will continue to do these events and have others planned for next year, just keep an eye on our website ( for more details. I could not do any of these challenges without the support of you all, friends, family, colleagues, not just supporting me but joining in as well with the sailing, cycling, kayaking, biking etc etc, you all know who you are!

My biggest thanks goes to my beautiful wife Sharon, who puts up with a lot, particularly in Movember, without her support and backing none of this would be possible.#themusketeers#movember#menshealth