Challenges so far..

These are the challenges that The Musketeers have been involved in so far, in carrying out these challenges they have raised the fantastic figure of nearly £40,000 for the various charities that they support, as well as the time and committment they have given personally to complete them.

Photos of each event can be found in the Gallery section.

2022 – Mini Mayhem for Great Ormond Street Hospital

It all started with an idea to go round the coast of the UK again, this time in Minis that were bought for £500 or less! The challenge was taken and completed in style, in 10 days of non-stop motoring with no sat nav or motorways as well as camping overnight. The current total is £11,283 raised for GOSH, massive thanks to all those involved and those who supported us.

2021 – 24 Hour Golf for MIND Mental Health Charity

The musketeers set the challenge to play golf for 24hours solid, this was played at Lymington Golf Centre in June. They managed to complete the challenge with Lee playing all 24 hours, 120 holes, walking 32 miles in total and they raised an amazing £3,500 for MIND, huge thanks to all involved.

2021 – Miles4NHS Rowing, cycling and running for NHS Charities

This was undertaken by the guys from BuildingIS who set a challenge to indoor row, cycle or run 240km (150miles) each over the month of February, they all smashed their targets and raised the amazing sum of £2,000 for NHS Charities, which was much needed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

2019 – Kayaking round the Isle of Wight for Cancer Research UK

The four guys who completed this had only taken up kayaking 6 months prior to the challenge so it was a steep learning curve for them. They undertook some extensive training over the 6 months as well as fund raising and making awareness of the event. It took them 3 days to circumnavigate the Island and they covered 65miles in total raising a massive sum of £7,500 for Cancer Research UK.

2018 – Cycling round the Isle of Wight for Oakhaven Hospice

The guys cycled round the Isle of Wight but not just on road bikes as most do, they decided to use mountain bikes and then also dress up as Superhero’s. So you had Batman and Robin, Superman and Wonderwoman cycling the 65mile route around the island, at the same time they were racing two yachts in the Round the Island Yacht race, due to the extreme heat and lack of wind they all completed the trip in the same time. In all they raised over £1500 for Oakhaven Hospice

2018 – Skydiving for PLANETS Cancer charity

Just to spice things up a bit a couple of the guys decided to jump out of a perfectly good plane, when it was 13,000 feet (2miles) up over Salisbury Plain! They also took along some of their family to jump with them. The jump was exhilarating, the red devils who took them were excellent and made sure they were all in good hands. They raised the sum of £1000 for the PLANETS charity.

2017 – Cafe Racer Challenge for Stroke Association and SANDS

It all started with converting a 1985 Kawasaki KH125 commuter bike into a Classic Cafe Racer, during the build process the guys decided to get another one and do something with them. This evolved into the Cafe Racer Challenge which was to ride around the coast of the UK on the bikes. One of the Musketeers had completed the challenge in 2010 on a bigger bike. After buying 5 bikes and making 3 working models they set out with a support crew for the two week journey around the coastline, camping all the way round as well to reduce costs. They went through hot sunny weather, cold, wet and windy weather and everything between but made it back to Lymington with the bikes still running and in one piece! They raised funds for The Stroke Association and SANDS charities and received an award from The Stroke Association for the work they did, all in all they raised over £8,000 between the two charities.

2016 – Round the Island Yacht Race for Planets Charity

In 2016 two of the Musketeers decided that they would like to enter into the annual Round the Island Yacht Race, which starts and finishes at Cowes and involves racing against the clock around the Isle of Wight with roughly 1600 other yachts of varying size and shape. The challenge was that neither of them had ever sailed before, so they enlisted two friends, who were experienced skippers and they agreed to do the challenge as well. On race day it was not looking good weather wise, there were high winds predicted, which suited some but not the novices, but it was too late to back out! The race started at 8am from Cowes and 8hrs 55min later they completed the race, soaked to the skin and completely exhausted, out of the 1600 boats that started 400 did not finish! The weather got up to a force 7 round the back of the island and it was pretty scary at times, but they finished and managed to raise over £1600 for Planets!

2010 – Bike Bike Charity Hike for Oakhaven Hospice and Cancer Research UK

This was the event that started the whole thing off, riding big bikes around the coast of the UK, 4,000 miles in two weeks spending the nights in tents. Setting off from and finishing at Beaulieu Motor Museum, they had a support team who followed them round and set up camp etc. The weather was a mix of wet, dry, sunny, cold and windy but they made it in one piece and raised the grand sum of over £8,000 split between the two charities, Cancer Research UK and Oakhaven Hospice.