Mini Mayhem 2022

The Musketeers latest challenge..

We will be driving around the coast of the UK again but this time in 20 year old Minis, that we have purchased for a max of £500. There will be no SAT-NAV, no Motorways allowed and we will be camping overnight. The plan is to complete the 4000 mile trip in 10 days. We will start and finish at The White Hart Pub, Lymington, Hampshire. Start date is 9th June, finishing on Saturday 18th June.

The Charity we will be raising funds for is Great Ormond Street Hospital – GOSH

The Minis are called Athos and Aramis (silver ones) and Porthos (White one) and are pictured below. Check our blog or social media for updates on Mini Mayhem

We’ve done it!

The challenge was accepted and completed in style. The three minis and their teams of drivers crossed the finish line on Saturday afternoon. Following 10 days of driving, camping, getting lost, breaking down (cars, not drivers!) and generally having an amazing time they managed to drive around the coast of the UK.

The support network behind them was amazing and were all present to welcome them home.