Half way….

Half way through the month and the rowing and growing is going well. Just done another 12km on the rowing machine taking my total to 65km of my 100km target for Movember.

WHY MOVEMBER MATTERS Movember’s mission is more relevant now than ever. Social isolation has affected the mental health of all of us, including our fathers, partners, brothers, sons and friends. Especially those already finding it hard to stay connected. And its impact will stick around long after the pandemic is over. For men living with a cancer diagnosis, and their friends and family, COVID-19 has brought a range of new challenges. From interrupted treatments, to the increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 in hospitals and the isolation and loneliness felt by those going thought is all on their own.The world has changed. But a lot of things stay the same: men’s health is still in crisis, and we still need your help to stop men dying too young. Every pound makes a difference. Every donation you raise gives us much-needed funds and drives awareness.

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