Big Prizes and a challenge…

Come and see The Musketeers and win a prize! on 17th August the guys will be at Lymington Masonic Hall, in the High Street, as part of their training for kayaking around the Isle of Wight they will be seeing how far they can paddle on a kayak ergo machine in an 8 hour period from 8am to 4pm, they will be taking turns over the time period. If you can guess how far they will paddle you could win a selection of prizes, there will be a first, second and third prize, all of them have been gernerously supplied by the following; Sir Ben Ainsley, Michael Turner Studios, Wightlink, Greedo’s, Stanwell House, Quba, Yachtmail Chandlery, The Ship Inn, Solent Cellar and Lymington Rowing Club, to enter just donate at least £5 to us or online and let us know your contact details and what your guess is, its as simple as that! All donations go to Cancer Research UK, to donate click on this link – Our kayaks will also be on display, these have been sponsored by Rawlins Davy, Modulek Ltd, Capital Demolition and Quicksign.