On the 17th August The Musketeers will be at the Masonic Hall in Lymington High Street, along with our kayaks and two Kayak Ergo machines for training, the four Musketeers doing the IOW challenge will be paddling non-stop on one of the Ergo Machines from 8am until 4pm, tag teaming the 8 hour period to see how far they can paddle in the time period, come along an support them as well as having a go on the second Ergo machine and have a sit in one of the kayaks. For a £5 donation you can also guess how far they will paddle, with the three nearest winning some great prizes, how far will it be 80km, 100km or even 120km? If you want to guess online, just donate at least £5 by clicking here and send us your guess (be exact, such as 97,567.05m) and also your contact details to confirming when you donated and what under what name so we can match it up. All monies donated will go direct to Cancer Research UK, all prizes are gratefully donated by local companies, the first prize is worth over £300! Online guesses will not be counted after 3pm on 17th August.