A quick debrief..

So, after completing our Round the Island of Wight Kayak challenge for Cancer Research UK we thought we would give you a quick debrief. It all started at the end of last year when Joe suggested kayaking round the isle of Wight for charity, we told him not to be so stupid, or close to that anyway! After thinking about it for a while we all agreed, as we have never kayaked before, why not? We sought advice from several sources, all of them said we were crazy, and eventually started training in the icy cold waters of Poole Harbour in February, we first sat in a sea kayak in March and eventually got our own Stratos kayaks in May, thats when the training really started, with a lot of help from Jonny Ray and the Team at South Coast Canoes. All the while we were increasing our fitness training to ensure we had the strength to do it, as well as chasing sponsors and support from wherever we could get it from. The next stage was getting the timing with tides and weather, when we agreed the dates we could do the challenge we then had a nail biting wait for it all to come together, and it did although we had to delay by a day. So after 65 miles round the island, with no capsizes, great support from our rib and Tony ‘The Legend’ Barnes on land we completed the challenge, coming back in Lymington for a well deserved pint at 1pm on Monday 9th. We now have the Kayaks for sale if anyone is interested, all funds from the sales goes to Cancer Research UK. You can still donate on this link https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/the-musketeers-giving-page

Day one, 27 miles…..done!

The Musketeers had an excellent day yesterday, 27 miles from Lymington to Ventnor, navigating The Needles and St Catherine’s Point without any issues despite 5 foot waves at one point! Day Two is Ventnor round to Wootton Bridge. Please sponsor these guys, links are on the website, it’s all for Cancer Research UK!

Full paddle ahead on Saturday!

The Musketeers have made the decision to go for the challenge on Saturday (7th) as Fridays weather is too unpredictable, this means they will return to Lymington Quay on Monday (9th) at approx 1pm, it would great for the guys to see you all there welcoming them home, they may have a hard battle coming back up the Solent! They will put regular updates on all social media as they progress, check it out on Facebook, instagram etc and don’t forget to sponsor them, its all for Cancer Research UK, the link is here https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/the-musketeers-giving-page The kayaks they are using will be for sale after the event, if you are interested in buying one please let us know on here or on Facebook etc.

Rescue me!

The Musketeers did some rescue training at Keyhaven last night and one of our support crew, Natalie Marsh, got some great photos of us! The training is going really well and if the weather is on our side we will be starting our challenge to kayak around the Isle of Wight two weeks today on 6th September. Please try and sponsor us and help us raise as much as we can for Cancer Research UK, you can donate online at https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/the-musketeers-giving-page or follow the links on the webpage.

Sponsors everywhere, but always room for more!

We now have several sponsors for our epic challenge to kayak round the Isle of Wight on 6th September, weather permitting! A huge thanks to those that have supported us so far, its all for a good cause, raising funds for Cancer Research UK. We are always on the lookout for more companies to support us and help us raise funds, if you are interested please let us know, or if you want to donate please use this link: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/the-musketeers-giving-page or contact us on info@themusketeers.co.uk. We have been informed that local TV and Radio shows would like to follow us round the island and film us coming back into Lymington, which is great media coverage for all!

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