So, yesterday the musketeers took their trusty Minis on a trial run down to Devon and back to see how the cars run, how we all interact with each other and get a feel for what the challenge driving might be like.

The result was a really good day, sort of! Lee’s Mini, Athos, turned up with a new sound system; half of his exhaust had fallen off on the way to the start line. We decided to carry on, even though it sounded like a Lancaster bomber, and got under way just after 7am from The White Hart, Pennington. We drove along the coast road to Brixham, Devon, stopping for a couple of breaks along the way. After a quick stop at Brixham we made our way back, albeit on a slightly more direct route. All in all the cars went very well and got lots of attention along the way. We covered just under 300 miles in total which took us 11 hours. We covered straight, bendy, twisty, uphill, downhill, traffic, , busy, narrow, slow and fast roads giving the minis a proper test.

Some pics of the day are below and will be on our facebook page and group as well as twitter etc.

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