The guys have arrived home after a gruelling 65 miles of paddling round the Isle of Wight over three days, all in aid of Cancer Research UK! It’s been hard work but great fun and all for a good cause, a short video of us paddling into Lymington is below, more will be coming soon so keep an eye on the website and don’t forget to sponsor The Musketeers

Day two, 18 miles…still going!

Today the guys have paddled from Ventnor to Wootton Bridge, running the gauntlet against ferries and hovercraft! It’s been a hard day but they are doing well and looking forward to the final leg home tomorrow, they should be at Lymington quay at about 1pm tomorrow so come and support them getting home and don’t forget to sponsor them, it’s all in aid of Cancer Research UK

Ergo kayaking, at least its dry!

So we have now got the two Ergo machines, kindly loaned to us by British Canoe Association through South Coast Canoes, we had a little practise on them this evening, just like kayaking but without the risk of getting wet! For those trying to guess how far we will paddle on the Ergos on Saturday 17th it will be between 60km and 90km, check out our website for more details on how to donate for Cancer Research UK

Lymington to Beaulieu and back…

With new kayaks and the sun up for an early start we decided to paddle from Lymington Quay to Beaulieu river, and back. 14 miles and 5 hours later we were back at the slipway in Lymington, we had the tide against us going there and the wind coming back but averaged just over 3mph which is not bad. All good training and experience for us. There are some pics below of the trip. We can be sponsored at

Sponsored kayaks.. looking good..

Two of the kayaks that we are using in our round the Island Challenge have been sponsored by Rawlins Davy and Modulek Ltd, they have now been signwritten with the sponsors logos, we have two more kayaks that are available for sponsorship, if you would like be a part of our challenge and raise money for Cancer Research UK at the same time, please contact us, for more details check our website, instagram, facebook or twitter,

Our challenge is to kayak around the island later this summer, we are all new to kayaking and getting expert training and advice, check our website for details of our previous challenges where we have raised over £24k for charity.

some pics of the sponsored kayaks below.

Old Harry video..

Short video of The Musketeers kayaking at Old Harry rocks whilst training. They are going to Kayak around the Isle of Wight to raise money for Cancer Research UK, its 65 miles of very unpredictable and often dangerous waters, if you can support them with sponsorship then please do at their website

You can also check out some of their previous adventures!

Saturday training..

We are out on another training session with South Coast Canoes this Saturday, going from Poole Harbour round to Swanage, going past Old Harry Rocks on the way, should be interesting. We will be using two of our new kayaks, kindly supplied by South Coast and sponsored by Rawlins Davy and Modulek Ltd, keep an eye out for us if you are in the area. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as our website. If you would like to sponsor us use this link or contact us direct


Two years ago today we were riding through Edinburgh on our Cafe Racers whilst on our coastal challenge, we completed 4000miles in total and raised £10k for The stroke association and SANDS, the bikes are still running even though they are almost 35 years old! Please check out our latest challenge to kayak around the Isle of Wight and sponsor us if you can


The Musketeers are pushing on with their training and are planning on going to see old harry at Swanage on 6th July, new kayaks are ordered, signage is ordered for Rawlin Davies, Solicitors who have sponsored one of them, will get pics as soon as they are ready. If you want to get involved and get your name on a kayak whilst supporting Cancer Research UK then please get in touch with us at we can publish your details on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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