It’s nearly the big event!

The Musketeers are almost there, they had a meeting last night and agreed that they would do the challenge this weekend, leaving Friday and getting back to Lymington on Sunday about 1pm. The only delay may be the weather, if it doesn’t improve for Friday they will leave on Saturday and return on Monday afternoon, this will be confirmed after midday on Thursday. So, keep an eye for more info and details and see if you can meet them on their return at Lymington Quay, and don’t forget its all for Cancer Reseach UK, the link is

Keyhaven to Beaulieu on a Sunday morning!

We had a great paddle from Keyhaven to Beaulieu village yesterday morning, about 16 miles in total, weather was good, sea was kind and we made good time by doing it in 4 hours with a couple of breaks. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will be able to confirm if we are doing the challenge this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will keep you all posted! In the meantime if you can sponsor us the link is Its all for Cancer Research UK, which is a great charity so please try and support us.

A bit choppy!

A short video of The Musketeers crossing the Solent from their trip to the Needles last weekend, it shows how choppy the sea around Hurst Castle can get and also how well the guys are coping with it! Don’t forget to sponsor them and support Cancer Research UK, you can do this by following this link:-

Threading the Needles!

The Musketeers had a great training session yesterday, they paddled out to the Needles lighthouse from Lymington, covering 16 miles in total! Ably supported by two of the support crew on a rib kindly lent by Car Medic Lymington. Whilst there they had to thread the Needles, would be rude not to! Preparations are well on the way for them to start the challenge of paddling round the Isle of Wight on 6th Sept. Please sponsor them on

Rescue me!

The Musketeers did some rescue training at Keyhaven last night and one of our support crew, Natalie Marsh, got some great photos of us! The training is going really well and if the weather is on our side we will be starting our challenge to kayak around the Isle of Wight two weeks today on 6th September. Please try and sponsor us and help us raise as much as we can for Cancer Research UK, you can donate online at or follow the links on the webpage.

Sponsors everywhere, but always room for more!

We now have several sponsors for our epic challenge to kayak round the Isle of Wight on 6th September, weather permitting! A huge thanks to those that have supported us so far, its all for a good cause, raising funds for Cancer Research UK. We are always on the lookout for more companies to support us and help us raise funds, if you are interested please let us know, or if you want to donate please use this link: or contact us on We have been informed that local TV and Radio shows would like to follow us round the island and film us coming back into Lymington, which is great media coverage for all!

8 hour Paddle – Done – Next stop Isle of Wight!

We had a fantastic day at Lymington Market yesterday, the four us doing the Isle of Wight kayak challenge paddled a Kayak Ergo machine for 8 hours from 8am to 4pm, doing half hour sessions on the machine. During this the team and the support crew showed our kayaks off to the public, let them have a paddle on the second Ergo machine and asked them to guess how far we would paddle in the 8 hours. The nearest three guess’s all won prizes, kindly donated by local business’s. The total distance we paddled in the 8 hours was 75,581.40m which is 46.94 miles, great effort by all! During the event donations were collected by the team and we raised an amazing £480! Huge thanks to all those who helped and supported us, we couldn’t do it without you. If you wish to donate online you can go through our website or donations online go direct to Cancer Research UK. We now have just over two weeks of training to get ready for the challenge on 6th September, weather permitting!

Kayaking on the Radio with Forest FM

We had a great live interview this morning with ForestFM on 92.3fm, we talked out our challange to kayak round the Isle of Wight in September, previous challenges we have carried out in the past and also our fund raising event being held in Lymington High Street tomorrow. They will be playing the interview again at 6:30pm today. Have a listen and then come along and see us at Lymington tomorrow, you may win a prize! And its all about raising funds for Cancer Research UK!

Ergo kayaking, at least its dry!

So we have now got the two Ergo machines, kindly loaned to us by British Canoe Association through South Coast Canoes, we had a little practise on them this evening, just like kayaking but without the risk of getting wet! For those trying to guess how far we will paddle on the Ergos on Saturday 17th it will be between 60km and 90km, check out our website for more details on how to donate for Cancer Research UK

Big Prizes and a challenge…

Come and see The Musketeers and win a prize! on 17th August the guys will be at Lymington Masonic Hall, in the High Street, as part of their training for kayaking around the Isle of Wight they will be seeing how far they can paddle on a kayak ergo machine in an 8 hour period from 8am to 4pm, they will be taking turns over the time period. If you can guess how far they will paddle you could win a selection of prizes, there will be a first, second and third prize, all of them have been gernerously supplied by the following; Sir Ben Ainsley, Michael Turner Studios, Wightlink, Greedo’s, Stanwell House, Quba, Yachtmail Chandlery, The Ship Inn, Solent Cellar and Lymington Rowing Club, to enter just donate at least £5 to us or online and let us know your contact details and what your guess is, its as simple as that! All donations go to Cancer Research UK, to donate click on this link – Our kayaks will also be on display, these have been sponsored by Rawlins Davy, Modulek Ltd, Capital Demolition and Quicksign.

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