Over £3k raised!

As you all know my latest challenge was to play Golf for 24hours nonstop, last week I did exactly that! 

A huge thanks to all those that supported me on the day and also those that have donated, to date we have raised over £3,300 (inc Gift aid) for the Mental Health Charity MIND, its not too late to donate, the link is below, it would be great if we can get it higher.

A few facts and figures from the day itself:-

  • I player over 120 rounds of golf
  • Covered 32miles walking round the course
  • Did 3 rounds as a T-Rex at 4 in the morning
  • 22 other players joined me at various times
  • A total of 1535 strokes were played
  • There were 20 birdies, 70 Pars and 30 bogeys plus a few double bogeys
  • Played in the day, night, rain, sun and wind

Huge thanks to our Sponsors, BuildingIS, ABS, James Liston, BHM Electrical, 3D Personnel, Rubico, Sandbox Ltd, Fairmead Professional Services and not forgetting Lymington Golf Centre who supported us all the way.

Thanks again for all of your support, if you haven’t donated yet please do on the link above.

This is my ninth challenge over the last 11 years and have raised over £35k for charities in that time, here’s to the next one!