Round IOW Cycle 2018

It started as an idea of a bike ride round the Isle of Wight, this evolved into a charity ride to raise funds, something we have a habit of doing! Then we decided to make it a bit of a race against two of our friends (Paul and Adam from our sailing adventure) racing their yachts in the Round the Island Yacht Race. They complained that we would beat them easily over the 65 mile course, so, to slow us down we decided to use mountain bikes rather than road bikes, apparently this was not enough for them!

We then agreed that we would do the ride as superheroes, Lee dressed as Superman, Joe as Batman, Andy as Robin and Mark as Wonder Woman. We were also joined by Andy’s son George and Joe’s son Niki, both 16. We were also ably supported by Tony who supplied us with food and water on the ride.

The charity chosen was Oakhaven Hospice based in Lymington, we managed to raise over £1500 in total for Oakhaven

The weather on the day of the event was extremely hot, one of the hottest days of the year, this, along with the hills on the island, slowed us down quite a lot, it also tested our fitness to the limit. Tony kept us well watered and fed, we got through 40 litres of water between us. Luckily the weather slowed down the boats as well and at the finish line it was a dead heat, both teams took 11 hours to get round!

There are some videos on our facebook group that hopefully will be on here soon.

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