About Us


This is Godfrey, he has been involved in several of our events in various outfits, all specially made for him. He was given to us by Pennington Infant School as a mascot for our 2010 ride, you can find him in several of the photos on our pages, keep an eye out!

Lee Marsh

A father of three daughters, Lee has been involved in charity events for the last 10 years, working in the construction industry for Modulek Ltd by day, he is a keen biker and car nut by night! (and also the weekend) 

Andy Wort

He is a father of two and is also a keen fundraiser for charities, he has his own business, Ashley & James Coachbuilding Ltd, rebuilding vintage and classic cars, he keeps fit with cycling and swimming and enjoys outdoor pursuits.

Joe Traykov

Joe is the father of  two sons, originally hailing from Macedonia, he runs his own business as a gas engineer and plumber, TND Lymington Ltd, he is a keep fit enthusiast and always up for a challenge.

Mark Jones

Mark also has two sons and is a keen cyclist and kayaker as well as biker, he has his own local business, Lentune Property Services Ltd, he often tries to keep the group grounded, which most of the time is unsuccessfull!

Tony Barnes

Tony is very much the father figure of the group, with his unfaltering support and advice to all of us, following us around in support trucks and cars, we couldn’t do some of the events without him. Being retired as well as a grandad, he is always busy!

Natalie Marsh

Natalie is the youngest member of the group and tries to keep the guys in line, she offers a huge amount of practical and admin support and gets involved wherever she can, a fully qualified Divemaster instructor she often has her own adventures!

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